Parental Responsibility / Timesharing

Any divorce can be difficult and stressful. Divorce with minor children brings many highly emotional issues and sometimes requires the use of mental health professionals and/or a Guardian Ad Litem. We have extensive experience in handling such cases and try to minimize our client’s emotional anxiety and concerns. As part of a parent’s right to exercise parental responsibility, he or she is entitled to participate in the major decisions that affect the welfare of the children, such as decisions regarding choice of education, health care, religion, etc. These issues must be agreed upon by the parties prior to the final hearing, or will be determined by a judge at trial in a contested case of paternity or dissolution of marriage.

At Maritza Gonzalez, P.A. we help our clients formulate a Parenting Plan, as required by Florida Statutes §61.13, to address how all of the issues affecting minor or dependent children will be resolved. We will work with all parties to determine what is in the best interest of our client and the children.

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