Child Support

Child support is an issue that must be addressed by the parties whenever minor or dependent children are involved in a family case. Florida Statutes §61.30 sets forth the Child Support Guidelines; the basic starting place for all child support calculations.

Our main job when it comes to child support is to determine the true income of the parties and the proper deductions to utilize. Without the most accurate information, the child support calculations cannot be prepared properly, which could have a negative effect on the children.

In addition to the income of the parties, other factors that affect the calculation of child support are:

• Needs of the child (such as daycare)
• Timesharing schedule
• Health insurance (medical and dental)

There are times when it may be appropriate to deviate from the Child Support Guidelines. This is frequently done when a child has special needs or when one of the parents has particular needs or circumstances which make it inequitable for him or her to pay child support according to the strict statutory guidelines. These exceptions will be considered in determining an appropriate amount of child support.